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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Got this forwarded message from Shai, thanks Shai for sharing... :)

God reserves something special for you... there is more to your life than you ever thought... there is more to your story than what you have read... there is more to your song than what you have sung... a good author saves the best for last... a great composer keeps his finest, for the finish... and God, the author of life, a composer of hope, has done the same for you... the best is yet to come... be there when God whispers your name.

When it rains, it pours...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

After a year and 13 days, I am finally updating my blog. I was not able to find time before, but now I suddenly do! Is it because I finally made time or is it because I finally found something worth blogging about? Hehehe... nuninu mode once again...

Anyways... cliche na kung cliche, but when it rains, it really does pour, doesn't it?

  1. You keep a list of the things you need to do, but couldn't find the time to do it due to numerous meetings and issues you have to attend to. You carefully list down all activities you need to get done, but you get called in meetings. You beg off, but you are informed you have no choice in the matter anyway. Hay... there goes my day...

  2. And so you look forward to working at home because you couldn't get things done in the office. As you prepare to go home to get those emails out of the way, you find out that your landline was temporarily cut off due to maintenance work. There goes my internet connectivity...

  3. But before you go home, you look forward to spending time with your significant other. Have that regular dinner scheduled on a fixed day of the week, only to have it cancelled at the last minute, because like you, he had to finish a lot of stuff for work. There goes my social life... ehehe!

  4. Since you have no choice but to go home a little bit early, you look forward to eating delicious home-cooked meals, only to receive a text message from your mom telling you to have dinner before going home as she chose that exact same day not to bother cooking dinner. Hay... so either McDo or Jollibee drive-thru it is.

  5. Things are cool, you can still handle it. Even if internet is down, and you couldn't get work done, there are still those favorite TV programs to look forward to! It has been weeks since you last watched your favorite show. As you make your way home, you receive a text message from mom saying that the landline maintenance activity also affected your cable TV! Naku! Sino mananalo sa reward challenge ng Survivor Philippines? Charing!

  6. "Oh, and btw," mom said. "If you plan to freshen up before going to bed, I suggest you get home early as there is a scheduled maintenance work from 10PM to 4AM tonight. They will temporarily cut off our water supply."

I was actually waiting for mom to say, "anak, better stay somewhere else tonight because they're also temporarily cutting off our electricity." I was already expecting it actually, buti nalang it didn't come to that.

I decided to catch up on my leisure reading nalang that night. :)

At being successful...

Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm not much of a risk taker, but somehow, i think the time has come for me to start looking at other possibilities. They say that opportunity only knocks once, and I've every intention of welcoming this one with arms open widest. =D

People begin to become successful the minute they decide to be.

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One of the things I have to put up with...

Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's been a while since my last post. So many things have happened since then, and there are so many things to do. Most of my free time is taken up by work and that's not healthy anymore.

Just recently, I find myself making an easy decision about staffing at work. To a certain extent, I felt uneasy about the decision I had to make. I know that someone won't be happy about it, but then I thought, this person will understand. And then I get the cold shoulder treatment...

One of the things I have to put up with lately... making a decision that I know would sacrifice the friendship I've built.

Being in the position that I am in right now doesn't mean that I have the power to grant everybody's wishes. I just wish people would understand that.

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Sad stories na naman si Idj...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You seek the company of that one person you most miss but there is absolutely nothing you can do to make that happen.

And so you seek the company of friends and grab that chance to spend time with them when an invite is given.

You simply feel that you must be with other people to take yourself away from a state of loneliness.

I miss my baby...

I thought we'll get to see each other again in exactly 10 days. But when I talked to him early this evening, he said that he was asked to stay on for a couple more weeks.

It sucks to be me...

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